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New version of the A-Line software: 4.97 Dear users of acoustic emission complexes A-Line!

The company's specialists have released a new version of the A-Line 32D software: 4.97. You can download the software in the "Downloads" section. If you have any questions or need advice on installing the software, call technical support at +7 (495) 361-76-73, 361-19-90.

Major changes in A-Line 32D v.4.97

New modification of the "Ethernet Box Enhanced" system
- Implemented software support for AE systems of the new modification "Ethernet Box Enhanced", which has a number of advantages over the standard version of the "Ethernet Box" system, namely:
a more reliable network connection of the hardware and computing parts of the complex, with the possibility of operational monitoring of this connection and the state of the hardware
the possibility of combining several separate complexes into one by including them in a common network to effectively increase the number of measuring channels with the possibility of their synchronization. The AE complex in the new version is addressed in the network space with its own IP address. To organize work with the hardware of the new version, it is necessary to set the required number of network addresses of the complexes connected to the network in the dialog box "General system parameters Network connections" (menu option "Settings Parameters ...") in the field "Network address settings of devices". In addition, in the "General System Parameters Network Connections" dialog box, you can enable monitoring of the internal temperature of the connected device in the protocol file
operation of the system using the switch "Monitor the temperature of the hardware". In the system of alarm sound messages, it became possible to set an alarm for loss of communication with the hardware of the complex ("Communication with the hardware is lost"). All the above settings are saved in the system configuration file. Joint operation of the old ("Ethernet Box") and new ("Ethernet Box Enhanced") AE complexes is not supposed (is not allowed) modifications in a single network space. The current version of the software does not assume (is not allowed) joint operation of different types of AE complexes (DDM and PCI) of the new (" Ethernet Box Enhanced") modifications in a single network space.
The division of A Line into network ( Net, Ethernet Box) and non-network modifications of distributions, previously separately presented on the company's website, is abolished. Now the software distribution for a specific type of system (DDM, PCI N, PCI 8) is suitable for working with any version of the complex of this type.

The "Parameters of the new dimension" window
- It is now possible to select the criteria for completing data collection: by measurement time (it already was), by the number of pulses, by the number of outliers, by the size of the ald file and by the number of recorded waveforms. It is also now possible to automatically restart the measurement by setting the appropriate check mark in the switch.

Criteria assessments:
- Added the ability to assess the degree of danger of AE sources in terms of the amplitude criterion according to the standard EN 14584:2005. To do this, set the switch "Criterion option according to ..." in the "Amplitude criterion Settings" dialog box to the appropriate position.

Oscilloscope graph:
- On the oscilloscope charts along with the display of the signal in units.ADC and MV can now be displayed in dB.

Major Changes in A-Line OSC Processing 2.09:

An algorithm for automatic recognition of dispersion curves on the AE signal spectrogram is implemented.