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New version of the A-Line 32D software: 5.04 Dear users of acoustic emission complexes A-Line 32D!

The company's specialists have released a new version of the A-Line 32D software: 5.04. You can download the software in the "Downloads" section. If you have any questions or need advice on installing the software, call technical support at +7 (495) 361-76-73, 361-19-90.

Major changes:

Synchronous Text Viewing Window:
- Added automatic saving of the position and size of the synchronous text view window in the configuration file

The main window. View Panel:
- In the Viewing Panel, the ability has been added to observe, in addition to the accumulation of the total number of AE pulses (SN[imp]) and the number of cumulative emissions accumulated over all channels (SN[sample])

- In the locations of 2D-type surfaces in which localization is carried out according to planar "location zones", it is possible not to consider "false" and save for further processing the location points that did not fall inside the triangular or quadrangular shape of the location zone that formed them. For this, the "Save results" option should be noted in the "Additional location Options" dialog box. locations outside the location zone" (disabled by default). At the same time, all triggered events will be displayed and processed, regardless of whether they fall inside any location zone or not.

Display Windows:
- Added the ability to change the size of points in various display windows, for which you should use the "Line thickness and point size on graphs" control in the "General System Parameters" dialog box on the "Main" tab