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New version of the A-Line software: 6.04

Dear users of acoustic emission complexes A-Line!

The company's specialists have released a new version of the A-Line software: 6.04. You can download the software in the "Downloads" section. If you have any questions or need advice on installing the software, call technical support at +7 (495) 361-76-73, 361-19-90.

Major changes:

A-Line v.6.04

- Two criteria for assessing the degree of hazard of AE sources have been added, in accordance with JB/T 10764-2007 (ISO/NP 24489) "AE corrosion control of the bottom of metal atmospheric storage tanks" and GB/T 18182-2012 (ISO/NP 24367) "AE control of metal equipment under pressure". The criterion JB/T 10764-2007 (ISO/NP 24489) allows assessing the degree of danger based either on the number of associated AE source events (the classification result is displayed in the location group) or on the number of registered AE pulses for each individual channel (the classification result is displayed on the dependence of the Total AE pulse count/Channel). The GB/T 18182-2012 criterion (ISO/NP 24367) makes it possible to assess the degree of danger of AE sources based on the level of activity and the level of intensity of the source (the classification result is displayed in the location group).

- In the linear location settings, it is possible to set the cluster width as a percentage of the distance between neighboring sensors. To do this, select "Width in % [n-m]" in the corresponding drop-down list of the "Parameters of the linear location scheme" dialog box.

- In the settings of the oscilloscope channel, it is possible to set an individual threshold for registering waveforms equal to the threshold of the main AE channel plus the additive constant Y in dB. In the list of waveforms, the threshold for registering such waveforms (in dB) will be displayed as <XX.XX(Y)>, where XX.XX is the established individual threshold, Y is the additive constant.

A-Line OSC Processing 3.1:
- Added the ability to construct spectrogram cross sections for Choi-Williams and Wigner transformations.