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Our portfolio in 2014

List of publications in 2014, in which our clients describe examples of the use of our company's products:

S. I. Builo, D. M. Kuznetsov, V. L. Gaponov (Research Institute of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don; Don State Technical University, Rostov-on-Don; Power Engineering and Machine-Building Institute, Don State Technical University, Rostov-on-Don). Acoustic emission testing of capillary liquid flows in porous media. Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing. 2014. Vol. 50. No 7. P. 392-395. DOI 10.1134/S1061830914070031. eLibrary ID: 24002169

Abstract A time history of the parameters of acoustic emissions (Aes) in the process of a capillary liquid flowing in a porous medium is considered. The application of exponentially damping process to the impregnation processes is experimentally established. A method for testing the impregnation depth and completeness of materials based on AE measurement data is proposed.


Gornostaev A.I., Deev A.A., Tishin A.A. Method of tribosystem burn-in. Russian patent № 2516345 (2014). eLibrary ID: 37798395

Abstract Field: testing equipment. Substance: invention relates to methods of tribotechnical tests, in particular, to burn-in investigations. Substance: tribosystem is lubricated, friction is carried out, and it is loaded by a stepped external load to achievement of maximum loading capacity. The range of tribosystem loading is controlled by parameters of discrete and continuous acoustic emission in a certain range of frequencies, reflecting frequency and nature of capturing moments, and also variation of structural characteristics of friction surfaces in process of their burn-in. The main information parameters of the acoustic-emission signal are spectral density, amount of emissions and signal amplitude. Effect: improved quality of tribosystem burn-in, increased accuracy and efficiency of feedback for maintenance of specified friction mode in process of burn-in.


R. A. Lementueva, N. Y. Bubnova, A. V. Treusov (Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences). Dynamical features of fracture formation. Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth. 2014. Vol. 50. No 1. P. 32-37. DOI 10.1134/S1069351313060098. eLibrary ID: 21862378

Abstract We analyze the results of a series of experiments on studying the dynamical pattern of fracture growth. The failure of the rocks under long loading with the use of nonexplosive demolition agent (NDA) is studied. Due to the long (about 2 days) loading, the experiment closely reproduces the natural conditions. It is shown that a single center of failure is absent. The coordinates of the sources of acoustic emission are calculated. The failure zone where the fracture is formed is identified. The combined analysis of the migration of strong acoustic events (Acmax) with the determination of their coordinates together with the deformation observations provide an insight into the kinetics of evolution of the source zone.


Makhutov N.A., Permjakov V.N., Aleksandrov P.A., Ivanov V.I., Novoselov V.V., Vasil’ev I.E., Spasibov V.M. Method of analysing strains and stresses in fragile strain indicators. Russian patent № 2505780 (2014). eLibrary ID: 37440543

Abstract Field: instrumentation. Substance: sound emission measurements of signals indicating fracture formation in fragile strained coat. Note here that additionally measured is the concentration of aerosol concentration in near-surface layer of fragile strained coat. At stress variation rate of up to 0.1 kN/s with allowance for 30 second correction for recording delay, oxide film and substrate destruction is revealed. Effect: limiting state is diagnosed, early warning of structure destruction under bench and natural test conditions.


Makhutov N.A., Permjakov V.N., Aleksandrov P.A., Ivanov V.I., Novoselov V.V. Method of recording fractures in fragile strain indicators. Russian patent № 2505779 (2014). eLibrary ID: 37440542

Abstract Field: instrumentation. Substance: sound emission measurements of signals indicating fracture formation in fragile strained coat with additional measurement of aerosol concentration in near-surface layer of fragile stained coat are carried out. Concentration of micro particles depending on oxide film depth is defined by the formula: Ω=Kδ·lg(δ/δ10), where δ10 is oxide film minimum depth arbitrary taken to make 10 mcm; Kδ is the factor defined by strain indicator film depth and determined by experiments. Effect: possibility to record structural material reconfiguration long before destruction.


Shkuratnik V.L., Nikolenko P.V., Tsarikov A.Ju. Method of determining change of stress state of rock mass in vicinity of working. Russian patent №2532817 (2014). eLibrary ID: 37455110

Abstract Field: mining. Substance: invention relates to mining and is designed to determine the change in the stress state of the rock mass. The method comprises placement in the well of the hollow cylindrical acoustic line, receiving and analysis of parameters of ultrasonic signals propagating in it by means of the acoustic emission transducers mounted on its end surfaces. Preliminarily on the acoustic line coaxially with it and at some distance from each other at least two rings of textolite are fixed, which inner diameter coincides with the diameter of the acoustic line, and the outer – with the well diameter. Deformation of the well due to the shift of the reference pressure zone, results in deformation of the respective textolite rings and, respectively, the growth of acoustic-emission activity in these discs. The difference in time of arrival to the receiving transducers of those acoustic emission signals is measured, the amplitude of which is maximum of all incoming signals, and the depth of the zone of the reference pressure and its change in time is judged by the above mentioned time difference, the known length of the acoustic line and the measured rate of propagation of ultrasound in it. Effect: increase in duration of the definition of changes in the stress state of rock mass in the vicinity of working during continuous monitoring acoustic-emission measurements of movement deeper into the solid mass of the zone of reference pressure.