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Our portfolio in 2017

List of publications in 2017, in which our clients describe examples of the use of our company's products:

Kotlyarov A.Yu., Efremov V.V., Kutovoj S.S., Deev A.A., Zhegalov I.N. Method of accuracy and productivity increase of round grinding. Russian patent № 2621495 (2017). eLibrary ID: 38265403

Abstract Field: technological processes. Substance: method includes continuous monitoring of the abrasive wheel cutting ability when grinding on a cylindrical grinding machine using an acoustic emission (AE) sensor and automatic correction of the abrasive wheel with a change in its cutting ability. During the grinding process, the spectral distribution of the number of AE emissions and their peak amplitudes in the frequency spectrum range from 60 to 300 kHz is continuously monitored. Changes in these parameters reflect changes in the structure of macro- and microgeometric deviations of the abrasive wheel interacting surfaces and the details and processes of plastic deformation that develop in the course of reducing the cutting ability of the abrasive wheel. In this case, the automatic correction of the abrasive wheel is carried out by means of its electroerosive dressing by changing the voltage of the electric pulse generator power source supplied to the abrasive wheel in the range of 25…40 V and pulse frequencies in the range of 1…22 kHz. Effect: increased accuracy and productivity of the grinding process.


Permyakov V.N., Makhutov N.A., Sidelnikov S.N. Combined method of strain and stress research. Russian patent № 2611597 (2017). eLibrary ID: 38259710

Abstract Field: oil and gas industry. Substance: invention relates to a technology for studying strains and stresses in constructions of hazardous production facilities of gas and petrochemical industry. ESSENCE: a brittle strain-sensitive porous coating with freon is applied to the detail surface, coating curing and structure loading are carried out, and the freon gas release zone from the porous coating (bubbles are bursting) and the direction of plastic stress during deformation using acoustic emission sensors are determined. The brittle strain-sensitive coating is made of a mixture containing epoxy resin, a hardener probe, gas freon R-22 in the following ratio, wt %: 65-84 epoxy resin, a hardener 14-33 probe, gas freon R-22 2-10. Effect: invention enables to determine the stresses and strains using brittle coatings at the very early stage, eliminating negative effect on the environment.